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How to take advantage of promotions and points to save money

Paying by the week can save you a fortune vs. by the day. Staying at a property that has reward point programs and promotions can make it a even better value. Coming up with $350+ for the week with tax and deposits are not a option for many. Paying by the day can easily lead to major problems especially if you don't plan ahead or even unable to find a room if there is a special or unexpected event in your area. Room prices depend on occupancy, if your on a limited budget you can quickly be room less if not careful.

There are a few tricks to avoid this nightmare and they all revolve around loyalty and reward point programs. While all regulations state you can only have one account per guest, there are also little tricks to get by that.

Trick #1 - Hotel Hopping 101 - Pay during the week, stay free on weekends  Depending on how well you are able to complete Trick #3 below, this may or may not work every single week. Both Choice and Wyndham have excellent reward programs and promotions. Both also usually always have several stay 2 nights earn a free night promotions throughout the year. Both also usually require you stay at 2 different properties to qualify for the offer. 

Always book during the week, the free nights you earn should be saved and used for expensive weekends, holidays or special events. 

 Trick #2 - Book in advanced and 2-3 days at a time. Both methods will usually get you better rates. 

 Trick #3 - Multiple Accounts - are 100% against most all property terms and can technically lead to termination and forfeiture of points, however this is rare and only enforced if you really abuse the program. Be smart, make nicknames and you may be able to rake in even more free nights

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